In need of something new or different? Whatever you are searching for, you are heading in the right direction. With her sense of style Valérie will spice it up for sure. Working as a fashion editor for the international magazine Marie Claire for almost three years (2015 - 

2018) and being the fashion and beauty coordinator for the Dutch magazine VIVA for some time now, Valérie has experience in a wide range of styling aspects.


From playful, fun, using eye-popping colors and prints to minimalistic, clean, natural toned colors and materials. The outcome will always be a joyful result. Pinky promise!


This website shows a small selection of the work Valérie has done previously. Would you like to see more or chat more while enjoying a cup of tea (sorry, she does not drink coffee ;-))? You are just one 'hello' away!

Selected publications + clients

Marie Claire, Grazia, Cosmopolitan, VIVA, VIVA Mama, CosmoGirl!, Naif, Cyell, Happy in Shape, Beau Monde, Fashionchick Girls, Nautique, VOL Magazine,, Amayzine, Ydence, vanHaren, Wander to Wonder, Universal Music / Nona

VIVA collaborations with Bon Prix, Senseo, Voedingscentrum

'Permanent' freelance jobs

Cosmopolitan (Fashion Stylist & Editor, 2020 - present)

VIVA (Fashion Director/Coordinator, 2016 - present)

Grazia (Fashion Editor, 2017 - 2018)

Marie Claire (Fashion Editor, 2015 - 2018)

Valérie Ntantu is a freelance fashion stylist + editor living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

photo by Tom ten Seldam

more information, inquiries or bookings:

Amsterdam, Nederland

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